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Greetings to all –

Just when you thought we must have fallen off the planet after no blog post in ages…well, too much information to share in one post, but will give you a little summary. I apologize for not having Ward’s zest but trying to summarize a year…well…who has time for that?! We are just going to go from this point forward….

Winter was spent in Whitefish, Montana and, you guessed it, it was one of the longest and most wicked winters on record! It literally never ended…summer began in July, winter ended at the end of June. So we learned how to “winter” in Ward, for sure.

Spring (yeah, right) was briefly spent in Columbia Falls, then Ward made the move to Marion, Montana (when we moved to Montana in 2001, Marion was where we originally settled in for 4 years).

The big news is that Ward and June got married and left us (sigh) but his Australian cousin, Joey, a 1993, 30 foot Fleetwood Bounder motorhome, will be our new home. Yes, Joey will keep you updated on the family and Ward will certainly be a guest poster sometimes. He still writes the family letters and loves to keep updated.

His personal story about his retiring from life on the road is right here:

“It was hard to do, eh…but June and I decided we were getting too old for this and needed to rest our wheels. We got “hitched” (get it?) and settled down in Montana, with a tearful goodbye to our human family. I was talking to my Australian cousin, Joey, and he said he’d love to take over my job. So the Layton family moved in. He is planning his own blog in the near future, featuring the crazy Layton crew…and I might drop a guest post once in awhile…I know I will be missed but this travel trailer needs to rest. Signing off for now, Your Beloved Canadian Travel Trailer, Ward”

Sadly, we lost our little Clementine July 6, 2011 – almost 13 years old – life on the road is lonesome without her but we know she had a great ride these last few years, having us around 24 hours/day.

Everyone is doing fine in the family – Cheyenne will be 17 this year!! Just amazing…

So sit tight because when Joey gets blogging this fall over on our new blog Cheap RVing, you will get more of us than you probably want…and Joey says “crikey! can’t wait to meet you! g’day!”


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